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If you come to look at Eathorpe Christmas Lights one evening, do make sure to pay a visit, before or after, to the newly opened Hillbilly's Grill Shack at The Plough. You will be assured of a warm welcome from Lee and Mandy, and some lovely TexMex food.


Welcome to the December 2019 edition of The W2HEN newsletter.

Hopefully this soggy Autumn is nearly over! I am looking forward to a bit of Winter crispness over the Christmas period. Eathorpe Christmas Lights are due to start soon, which means a thorough evacuation of the attic and a systematic check on which lights are still working and which have given up the ghost. Christmas light reliability is a lot greater in these LED days but we always have at least a couple of sets which, inexplicably, refuse to light up, even though they were working perfectly when I put them away last January. 


Eathorpe Christmas Lights is now a firm tradition and will be as spectacular as ever. Last year the village raised over £3000 for charity and we hope to at least match that this year. So, hope to see you all one evening in Eathorpe over the Christmas period.



and Jarvis

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